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Drum Transcriptions by JKDS!


The Four Basic Playing Strokes: pdf - video
Bass Drum Workout (pdf)
Rock/Funk Groove Coordination (pdf)


JKDS core rudiments list (pdf)
Rudiment Applications (pdf/audio)
Rudimental SD solos arranged for kit (pdf/audio)

Introductory Rudiment Videos
Basic Postures & Playing Strokes | Multiple Bounce & Double Bounce Roll | Flams | Diddles | Drags


   The Cascara Rhythm and Applications (pdf)
   The Mozambique and Applications (pdf)
   The Nanigo and Applications (pdf)
   World Rhythms For Gringos (pdf)
Partido Alto worksheet (pdf)
Jazz Waltz Comping Variations (pdf/audio)

'Jazz For Rockers' lesson (pdf/video)


Duple Fill Rhythms in a 4-Bar Phrase (pdf/audio)
Triplet Fill Rhythms in a 4-Bar Phrase (pdf/audio)
'2s and 4s' (Duple Fills with BD Doubles) (pdf/audio)
'3s and 5s' (pdf/audio)

'Five For Filling' lesson (pdf/video)
'Sideways Shuffle Rhythm' lesson (pdf/video)


Charts and audio for Turn It Up series drum play-along tunes
This is the download link the charts/audio files for the songs covered,
however you need to purchase the songs from www.drumfun.com)