Laundry Detergent Liberty Belle's Laundry Detergent

   What I like to call "duds without suds". Suds does not mean cleaner - they are a visual deception created by surfactants which are toxic to your peeps and marine life. You wouldn't want to hurt a fishie would you?! They have feelings you know. If you now have a Nirvana tune playing in your head...I do too.

   ingredients: washing soda, borax, castille soap & essential oil.

   Liberty Belle's liquid laundry detergent is not "sudsy" because there is no toxic swill called Sodium Laurel Sulfates (SFSs) to make inordinate amounts of suds that do nothing for cleaning. The proof is in the results!

   Liberty Belle's liquid laundry detergent comes in a gallon jug.
Regular washers use 1 cup/ load (25 loads per container)
High Efficiency ("HE") washers use 2 tablespoons/ load (50+ loads per container)

Scents: Lavender-Vanilla, Lemon-Eucalyptus, Rosewood-Tangerine,
Peppermint-Eucalyptus, Spiced Gumdrop or Oh Happy Day.

1 gal. | $8.00
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