Fabric Softener
Liberty Belle's Fabric Softener
   Remember that time you showed up to work with a dryer sheet stuck to your butt and you didn't know it? How embarrassing! So you decided to switch to liquid softener...but did you know that the list of toxins in store bought fabric softener is so long, there isn't room to list them here? That is not something you want to SNUGGLE up to!! Liberty Belle/Mr. Awesome fabric softener is made from just Epsom salts and essential oils. That is all you need for your clothes and linens to feel smoovies! AND if you are loving the smell of your softener, guess what?! It can also be used as bath salts or for a foot soak! Why buy three different products??

   Click here for a listing of common toxins found in store bought fabric softener.

Popular Scents
Lavender-Vanilla, Peppermint-Eucalyptus, Lucky Charms, Romantic Bouquet.

Comes in a HUGE 64oz. jar  |  $10.00

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