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General Questions

Product-Specific Questions

General Questions:
(1) What is this Liberty Belle Stuff all about?
Liberty Belle Stuff is about rediscovering the power of simplicity. For those who feel that at every turn, for every product we use that we put in, on or around our bodies, we only find more and more elements of toxicity. Liberty Belle Stuff is about a return to the simplest form of a hygiene or cleaning product that serves it's purpose, perhaps with less "fireworks" - a small compromise for total freedom from the toxic chemical grid. It is also about making these products affordable!

It is also about information. Many are not aware they have an option!

(2) Why the name 'Liberty Belle'?
The name Liberty Belle refers to the feeling of liberation (Liberty) and even satisfaction when one is free from dependence on others to obtain some of the basics in life. After Liberty Belle made her first couple of beauty products, she realized just about every beauty and cleaning product could be made by hand and with ingredients that weren't harmful or toxic . This beautiful (Belle) discovery led her to want to share her knowledge and products with others.

(3) Who makes your products?

We do!! 100%.

(4) Do you ship items? Can I buy Liberty Belle outside the farmer's markets?
We can ship products but we will need to tally up the weight of products purchased and consider the size of the box to properly calculate. If you live local, you'd probably be better off coming to a nearby farmer's market.

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Product-Specific Questions:
Will your detergent work in High Efficiency washers?
Yep!! And you'll only need to use half as much detergent (1/2 cup) as with regular washers.

I don't see any suds. Is something wrong?
Not at all! When I first tried my own laundry detergent I thought the same. Because Liberty Belle's laundry detergent contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (toxin), there are no artifical suds. The proof is in the end result: CLEAN!

The ingredients seem to be separating. Is that normal?
Yep!! Just be sure to give the bottle a good shake or three and you are good to go!

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Why is my deodorant melting? What's wrong?
Nothing! But coconut oil has a melting point of 72 degrees so be sure to put your Liberty Belle deodorant in a cool, dry place. IF it does start to liquify, put it in your refridgerator for 5-10 minutes. Liberty Belle also makes a version of deodorant with beeswax that better prevents/controls melting - just make sure you aren't allergic to beeswax!

Also, while this is not as neat an application (if it matters), you can also take your deodorant, should it soften, and apply it with your fingers to your underarms.

It works just the same! And of course, the proof is in the end result: long-lasting protection against odor without waxy build-up or stuffing your lymph nodes full of aluminum or propylene glycol (anti-freeze!). Liberty Belle has gotten results that last over a day!

My deodorant broke off!
Doh! Though no worries - this shouldn't happen too often! Behenyl Alcohol, a binder that often irritates skin, is what allows you to raise the stick very high when using industry deodorants. With Liberty Belle's deodorant you will only need to raise your deodorant just over the lip of the container about a 1/4".

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