About Liberty Belle

Liberty Belle's love for making homemade products started at the age eight when she would make "make up" with her best friend from colored rocks they scraped against a giant boulder. As she grew older, she enjoyed trying homemade hair conditioners from basic ingredients such as mayonnaise or beer and making soap as gifts for the holidays.

While training to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, Liberty Belle learned about the restorative properties of aromatherapy and the effects of toxins on our bodies. She became an "ingredient reader" and found it odd that she had to sit there on the internet looking up just about every ingredient in her shampoo and body washes. It was then that Liberty Belle began making her own health and beauty products and recently discovered through her friend Mr. Awesome, the endless possibilities offered for homemade cleaning products as well. There is a feeling of liberation and even satisfaction when one is free from dependence on others to obtain some of the basics in life.

Driven by a love for making the products itself and the knowledge that we are becoming a more ailed people due to artificial and toxic ingredients in the products we use, Liberty Belle was developed to bring these natural and cost effective products to you.