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Real Beats cover Real Beats
Hundreds of beats from real songs!

PDF & audio: $9
Hardcopy: $12*

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First Beats and Fills cover First Beats and Fills
A fun & unique kids' drum set primer!

PDF & audio: $10
Hardcopy: $15*

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Comprehensive Guide To Duple & Triplet Rhythms Comprehensive Guide
To Reading Rhythms
Exercises & etudes for all rhythms

PDF & audio: $12
Hardcopy: $15*

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Rhythm & Music
Theory Flash Cards

A great way to warm-up lessons or self-study!

JKDS Flash Cards
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Drum Loops
See main page for listings & details
Piano Studies For Beginners
My dad wrote some good stuff!
JKDS Flash Cards Music Theory Primer
For newbies or the
college-bound percussionist

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