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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a drum set transcription different than a drum 'chart'?
   Very often "transcription" and "chart" are used interchangeably.  Formally speaking, a "chart" contains a more general drum part, less detail than a "transcription" but still contains the song arrangement.  On this site I tend to focus on the full detail transcription.

Do I have to learn the entire transcription to play the song?
   Absolutely not.  The idea of studying the transcription is to be able to absorb specific phrasings or vocabulary a drummer uses. If you only need the general idea of a drum part, focus on the most repetitious aspects as well as ensemble stops & accents.

Do you have any 'drum tab' versions of your charts?
   No, and while drum tabs are a valid way for a drummer to get going on reading, if you spend a short time learning to read formal notation just the same, you will discover formal notation is actually easier to read...and write!

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